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4" and 6" Round/Oval LED Lights

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  • 4" round and 6" oval LED lights
  • 2.5" side marker clearance LED lights
  • Rubber grommets included
  • Sealed wiring harness
  • Random, alternating or synchronous flash patterns
  • S/T/T and Back-up/Turn: FMVSS 108 compliant, SAE J1398 and SAE J593
  • Three-year warranty


SignalTech®  LED Light Series
SignalTech® LED lights are designed for emergency vehicle specifications and engineered to meet the demands of a variety of work trucks including construction, municipal, utility and tow and recovery. SignalTech® LED lights feature a high-impact resistant polycarbonate housing and feature LED technology to reduce maintenance costs. 
Flashing LED Light Kits
Each LED light head produces an attention-getting warning signal that meets Class 1 and CAC Title 13 approvals. The flashing, LED light heads are offered in 4" round and 6" oval kits. The kits come equipped with rubber grommet and sealed wire harness.
S-T-T, Turn, and Back-Up LED Light Kits
Complement your LED light kits with SignalTech S-T-T (Stop/Tail/Turn), turn and back-up LED light kits. All LED light kits feature a triple sealed plug that allows for easy installation to existing back-up, S-T-T and turn circuits. The LED lights operate at 12 or 24 VDC and are voltage regulated for consistent light output. SignalTech lights comply with ECE and DOT requirements.
Side Marker/Clearance Lights
SignalTech Side Marker/Clearance lights complement flashing or S-T-T lights. These lights available in 2.5" round and operate at 12 volts meeting FMVSS 108, DOT, and SAE standards.